We are moving!

It’s been some time since I last blogged, and given an update on our church planting journey. It has been an eventful last couple of months, and it has been challenging to keep up, blog wise! But, there are some significant updates that we’d like to share with you that warrants a step out of blog-hibernation. As you read this, please do thank God along with us for each of these blessings:

1. We are moving! 

We’ve been meeting weekly on Sundays, 4-6pm at our home, and increasingly feeling the space-crunch. At just the right time, Cornerstone Church contacted us, and offered us the use of their venue!  And so, from 2 April 2017, we will be moving our 4-6pm Sunday Gatherings to RedhillScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.20.34

This venue is really an answer to prayer, and a gesture of kindness by the church that currently meets there. Would you join us in giving thanks to God, and in praying for God’s blessing on Cornerstone Church?

Do pray that we would steward this gift from God well and use this venue to call people to worship Him, build community, discover vocation, and do works of mercy. And, if you’ve been planning to visit, why not come by on 2nd April?

2. We are registered!

As of 13 March 2017, ‘One Covenant Church’UEN: 201706957W has been officially registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Singapore. Some of you have asked for the details of how you can contribute to what God is doing in our Church plant, and we finally have an answer for you! With the registration, we were able to open a Bank Account for the church! The details are:

One Covenant Church Ltd.
Bank: DBS Bank Ltd.
Account No.: 0279072865
Bank Code: 7171
Branch: 027

3. Our Team is growing! 

We praise God that we now have 19 adults, and 4 children in our Launch Team. The Launch Team are those who have committed themselves to the work of this church plant. We have been meeting together, and learning together in bigger and smaller groups. We also have more people expressing interest, visiting, and considering being part of us. We continue to trust God to grow our numbers. With the public venue, we will be able to accommodate more people!

In all of this, we are constantly reminded that we are recipients of grace through the Gospel. That is the greatest news of all!

Herein is love;
when I cannot rise to Him He draws near on wings of grace,
to raise me to Himself.

From ‘The Valley of Vision’


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